the finishing touch

We offer a diverse range of museum quality finishings to make your walls smile. From fine art, photo, and specialty papers to innovative aluminum and bamboo, from classic canvas to dynamic acrylic, our fine art products are simply the best available. Click each product below for more information.

The Creative Process

All my artwork is custom made to order. Watch the video below to understand the exciting six step process, all the way from selecting to hanging your artwork on the walls of your home or office space.

Step 1: Select your most memorable destination or favourite collection
Step 2: Find your favourite photographic artwork from my galleries
Step 3: Select one of our museum quality finishings.
Step 4: Pick one of the available sizes to fit your space.
Step 5: We’ll hand-create your unique work of art using the best quality products.
Step 6: Receive your artwork and make your walls smile with the finest in photographic art.

The Finest In Photographic Art

    • Most artworks are exclusive edition: I will only sell one of each size for my museum quality finishings (metal, acrylyc glass, and bamboo). Please confirm availability by selecting your desired material and size from the artwork page.
    • All artworks are custom made to order and ship from our studio in North America, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your order. We ship worldwide. Any customs duties for deliveries outside of the United States are they buyer’s responsibility.
    • If you require a special order or a size larger than listed please contact the studio for availability and a quote

Archivability and the Environment

We believe strongly in protecting the environment and making sure that your prints last as long as possible in your environment. The materials we use are typically manufactured free of commonly used, harmful additives such as optical-brighteners. Additionally we ensure that all of the materials we use are extensively tested for print performance using state of the art equipment. We require accreditation from the Fine Art Trade Guild using their Blue Wool test. Each product is tested for pH and light-fastness.